THE EARLY SUN: My Journey into Tech

The saying that the worst of times of one person is the biggest blessing to the other, is a reality I can attest to. The year 2020, where the world battled the Coronavirus pandemic brought me my biggest blessing of self-discovery.

Well, before I take you through my story to my journey into Tech, let me briefly introduce myself…My name is Loveth Anosike. I am an Anatomist, a researcher (Biomedical science) and a Tech enthusiast. I am passionate about learning and believe in the philosophy of Servant Leadership. In my free time I read books and enjoy listening to good music.

Journeying into Tech was never (…yeah, that ‘never’ is bolded) a thing I fantasized about growing up. It was a medical science or nothing. I was dogged about living in the medical space and practicing medicine. I became an A-student which was on a product of a quest to know, consistent study and a natural ability of easy-understanding. Staying focused on the path of “Medicine or nothing” was peculiarly boring adding to being an introvert, I wallowed in a private life and an anti-social life.

Did life suck? Yes, it did. I knew it did but then, the full realization was after my graduation from the University.

Graduation was a happy moment; I received my honors award and sojourned thereafter to serve my country for a year in November, 2019. The service year was moving all well not until the Coronavirus lockdown. This period bred depression that grew from the dilemma of sitting Idle and the thoughts of “…after NYSC, what next?”. In a bit to find answers to that question, I experienced an “Aha” — the need to acquire a skill.

After a thorough thinking process, I opted to explore the Tech space as it had a broad application to life. I took up learning a digital skill and enrolled for the Google Africa Digital Marketing course. On completion I sought to learn web development. I started off learning HTML and CSS on Sololearn but later on digressed and chose to learn python programming in October 2020 — seeing its relevance in data analysis.

Living on the Youtube space, I self-learned and appreciated the growth I was attaining. I attempted solving coding exercises and also built mini-projects. With zeal to get better at programming and understand data structures and algorithms, I enrolled for a python programming course on Jovian community and applied for internships.

Of one of my applications for internships was the BEZAO (Between Zero and one) internship, organized by Genesys Tech Hub, which I learnt of from a friend. This program is geared towards training youth; equipping them with the skills and connecting them to potential Employer. This was going to be my first internship in the Tech space as a software developer if I got in. Fortunately, I was accepted into the program after successfully been screened (passing a coding test and a follow-up physical interview).


It is 7 days today since resumption on site and the experience of transiting from a python background to a C# has been amazing. I am excited about this journey which has started off and I am well ready to explore it to its fullest.

Lesson: The very moment of the worst happenings is the best time to reflect, make new decision to try out things and embrace opportunities.